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 As the premier executive recruiting firm for mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies, Lucas Great China provides clients with unparalleled reach across industry sectors and Great China. Lucas understands that the needs of your business are complex and evolving, and we are focused on developing and nurturing long-term, results-oriented partnerships.



1. Conduct Pre-Search Analysis by database, Market and Potential Client’s Competitors
2. Optimize all channels and sources of information including the Internet, library, trade organizations, chambers of commerce, social networking sites
3. Refer all BD leads generated to Directors
4. Gather contact details based on criteria given by the team
5. Conduct initial phone interviews with candidates;
6. Conduct personal interviews with qualified candidates;
7. Maintain and update candidate and company file and input database

1. Be a team player, able to follow instructions;
2. Be proactive and results-oriented and hardworking;

3. Be highly persistent;
4. Be inquisitive and have the eagerness to learn;
5. Ambition to grow into becoming a professional consultant.

Please email your resume to 421375620@qq.com

Lucas GC Limited HR: Lily Xue


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