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10-25 法国国立巴黎高等矿业学校(Mines ParisTech)教授Fran?ois Lévêque 学术讲座:Nuclear power economics: innovation, competitiveness and safety

题目:Nuclear power economics: innovation, competitiveness and safety

主讲人:Fran?ois Lévêque 教授 (法国国立巴黎高等矿业学校(Mines ParisTech))
地点:主楼6层 能源与环境政策研究中心
    Fran?ois Lévêque is Professor of economics at Mines ParisTech, and part-time professor at the Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies (European University Institute, Florence School of Regulation). He has been teaching industrial economics at the ?cole des mines since 1996, where he created in 1999 a new major in law and economics. He previously taught natural resources economics in Mines ParisTech, environmental economics at EHESS and Pavia University, and EU Competition Law at the Boalt Law School in UC Berkeley (2002-2007). Debuting his academic activity on forest economics, Professor Lévêque’s research agenda progressively shifted towards intellectual property rights, environmental policy and regulation, and competition law enforcement. Most recently, Professor Lévêque has been leading a research program on nuclear power economics, and initiated in 2016 a joint research chair on the economics of natural gas. Professor Lévêque published many papers in peer-reviewed journals and published several reference textbooks on regulation, intellectual property rights and competition policy. In addition to his research and teaching interests, Professor Lévêque exerts some consulting activities in the areas of antitrust, intellectual property rights and network regulation. He has been regularly commissioned by the French government, the OECD and the European Commission to participate to advisory committees.
    Initiated in 2010, Professor Lévêque’s research program on nuclear power economics aims to reach a better understanding of the recent reorganizations and challenges of the nuclear power industry. At the international level, the nuclear industry has recently experienced important changes with the apparition of new vendors, the emergence of climate change policies or the revision of electricity market regulation in a number of countries. In addition, the 2011 Fukushima accident brought the question of nuclear safety regulation at the core of energy policy debates in existing nuclear countries and for potential new entrants.
    This talk covers the recent developments of this research program. The role of the organization of the nuclear industry in the so-called “cost increase curse” will first be discussed, based on two empirical analyses of the evolution of the construction costs of nuclear reactors in France, the United-States, and other OECD countries. The second part of the presentation tackles the assessment of nuclear safety, and questions how policy-makers should take the nuclear risks into account in their policy decisions, especially in the wake of the Fukushima-Daiichi accident.


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