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9-9 Senior Editor for Nature Research Dr. Monica Contestabile 学术报告:Introduction to Nature Research

题目:Introduction to Nature Research
主讲人:Dr. Monica Contestabile (Senior Editor for Nature Research) 

    Monica Contestabile is a Senior Editor for Nature Research, where she has covered various roles contributing to the company’s publishing strategy in the space of societally-relevant research. Trained as an economist, Monica has developed wide-ranging interests in climate change, sustainability and closely related areas across the social and natural sciences, and their mutual interfaces. Prior to joining Nature Research, Monica worked with WWF-UK developing research on sustainable consumption and before that she held academic positions in the UK and Mexico. Monica has a PhD in environmental economics from the University of Naples Federico II, Italy.

    Societal problems are complex and pressing - food, water and energy security in the face of global environmental change; dysfunctional economic systems; growing population and rapid urbanization; global health pressures. We urgently need to understand the drivers of such problems and identify solutions. Nature Research is developing a publishing strategy that goes beyond traditional natural sciences to embrace the social sciences, and tries to synthesize the best interdisciplinary societally-relevant research.



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