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7-4 Professor Ming-Lang Tseng : Circular Economy Meets Industry 4.0: Can big data drive industrial symbiosis?

  • Release date:2018-08-20 05:06:00

  Title: Circular Economy Meets Industry 4.0: Can big data drive industrial symbiosis?

  Speaker: Ming-Lang Tseng

  Time: 10:30 am, July 4, 2018

  Location: Main Building 216


  Speaker Profile:

  Dr Ming-Lang Tseng is a Full-time Professor in Asia University. In addition, he is a Distinguished  Professor in Dalian University of Technology, Panjin Campus. He held various executive positions in international groups (Textile manufacturing and Real Estate Development) in Asia, East and South Africa for more than 10 years before returning to academia in 2005. His research interests include GSCM, SCP, SSCM, service innovation and MCDM method. He has published more than 100+ journal articles and 110+ conference papers (h-index= 27). In addition, he was a Research Fellow in the Institute of Applied Ecology at Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, in 2012-2013. He handled several special issues on Sustainable Consumption and Production topic in JCLP, IJPR, IJPE, RCR , IEMS, Sustainability, etc. Currently, he serves as Associate Editor or editorial board member of Industrial Management and Data Systems Journal (SCI), Journal of Cleaner Production, Applied Soft Computing, Resources, Conservation and Recycling Journal. He is also on the trustee member of several international organizations (APIEMS, ICPR Asia Chapter and ISBITM).



  Industrial symbiosis is an association between two or more industrial facilities or companies in which the wastes or byproducts of one become the raw materials for another. In this presentation, I will show that data-driven analysis can potentially be used to optimize the sustainable solutions intended to reduce the resource and emission intensities of industrial systems.


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