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6-26 Professor Reimund, Chief Climate Economist, National Research Center, Helmholtz Federation, Leipzig, Germany: Free Trade and the Environment - A Topical Controversy

  • Release date:2018-08-20 04:44:00

  Title: Free Trade and the Environment - A Topical Controversy

  Time: Tuesday, June 26th, 2:00 pm

  Location: 6th floor of the main building


  Speaker profile:

  Prof. Dr. Reimund Schwarze is head of climate economics of the Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ,Leipzig,Germany and the coordinating lead author of the Chapter “Economics,Finance,and the Role of the Private Sector” in the upcoming 2nd Assessment Report Climate Change in Cities (ARC3.2) of the Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN)



  The report will firstly give a simple economic model of free trade .Then we will discuss the main topic as Free trade and environmental policy

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