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Notice on 2016 CASC Scholarship and Grant Selection

  • Release date:2016-10-24 08:43:00

  According to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) Scholarship Establishment Cooperation Agreement" and the "CASC Grant-in-aid Establishment Agreement", we hereby notify the 2016 CASC scholarship and CASC grant-in-aid selection related matters as follows:

  1.CASC scholarship

  Full-time graduate students (including graduate and doctoral students), and undergraduates in the third and fouth year.  

  CASC scholarship awards: 3 First prizes, 10,000 yuan per person; 8 Second prizes, 5,000 yuan per person; 10 Third prizes, 3,000 yuan per person.

  2. CASC grant

  Full time undergraduate and graduate students (not including freshmen);

  CASC grants: 120 Undergraduates, 3,000 yuan per person, 70 graduate students, 2,000 yuan per person.

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