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Notice on the Assessment of 2016 Graduate Student State Scholarship

  • Release date:2016-10-24 08:42:00

  According to the Graduate Student State Scholarship Interim Regulations ([2012] 342), and Beijing Institute of Technology Graduate Student State Scholarship Selection Methods(Trial) (No. 92), we hereby notify the related scholarship assessment matters as follows:
  I.Scope of awards
  Full-time, non-directional graduate students are eligible.
  II.Scholarship standard
  Graduate Student: 20,000 yuan. Doctoral student: 30,000 yuan.
  III.Assessment criteria
  (1) Academic Papers: paper quality will be assessed in reference to the requirements of academic papers publication for doctoral and gradu ate candidates (school degree [2012] 5).

  (2) Other achievements and awards: including publications, patents or awards received;
  (3) Participation in scientific research, academic activities or school public affairs 

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