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[China Economic Herald] Professor Tang Baojun: The new energy vehicle carbon quotas still cannot replace subsidies in a short term

  • Release date:2016-11-30 07:00:00

  As concerns arose on after subsidies for new energy vehicles fall, the industry development is difficult to continue, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a "New energy automobile carbon quota management measures" draft (hereinafter referred to as the "Management Measures"). The positive signal of the policy to convey may dispel public concerns.

  However, for many of the details of the new policy, the society has a lot of doubts to be addressed. Therefore, China Economic Herald made a special interview on Tang Baojun, a senior expert on new energy vehicles, deputy director of Beijing Institute of Technology Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research. For the "Management Measures", Tang Baojun gave a high rating, but she also stressed that the implementation of the incentive policy can not be in a hush. Quota confirmation, accounting and settlement, and participating enterprises reveiw and evaluation should be more clear.

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