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Yan Chen

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Personal Data

Name:Chen Yan


Birth Date:February 11, 1981


Acadamic Position:Research Assistant


Research Fields: Crisis Management, Information Management, Management of National Economic Mobilization

Teaching: Emergency Logistics and Mobilization Logistics Management


Address:5 South Zhongguancun Street



09.1999-07.2003,  B.A. “Computer Science And Engineering” at Beijing Institute of Technology.

09.2003-03.2006,  Master. “Computer Applications” at Beijing Institute of  Technology.

09.2008-03.2012,  Phd. “Management Science And Engineering” at Beijing Institute of Technology.

04.2013-04.2014,   Visiting Scholar at Alliant International University.


Acadamic Positions

Since 03.2006    School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology


Affiliations(note organization, year served and position)

2014.7-NOW  Deputy Secretary General of city disaster emergency committee.


Publications-Papers,Book Chapters, Journal Articles, Conference Articles (for the last five years)

[1] Research on the protection system of children education in the poor areas of Southwest China[J]. Guizhou Ethnic Studies,2014,(12):198-200.

[2] Analysis of public opinion information management measures in the transitional period [J]. Management expert. 2014,(12):38.

[3] University Science and technology information resources development and cooperation [J]. Chinese University Technology Transfer,2014,(11):92-93.

[4] Research on the influence factors of college students' stability and the mechanism of intervention [J]. Management expert,2013,(5):171

[5] How to prevent the enterprise crisis in the network era [J].People's Tribune,2011,(32):224-225.

[6] Research on crisis prevention under the network era[J] .Sustainable Manufacturing and Environmental Management,2012.

[7] Design of the Risk Prediction System of Overseas Project Based on Exponential Smoothing[J]. 2011 3rd IEEE International Conference on Information Management and Engineering,244-248..

[8] Research on social risk early warning in overseas projects of oil companies[J]. 2011 International Conference on Computer Science and Service System. , 3502-3505.

[9] The social risk management of overseas engineering project[J]. Sino-US MBA International Conference On Risk And Crisis Management,2010.

[10] A special study on Crisis Management [M],National Defense Industry Press,2014,(chapter 4)


Acadamic and Consultancy Projects (for the last five years)

[1].2012-2014    Research on social mechanism and intervention methods of the student group behavior by Ministry of Education Research Project.

[2]. 2016  Investigation on the application status of Beijing authorized patent in 2016 by Beijing Intellectual property.

Acadamic Conferences and other International and Domestic Professional Conferences (for the last five years)

[1] 2012 Sustainable production and environmental management, Ha Noi , Vietnam, Vietnam National University, Nagoya University, Topic: Study on Enterprise Crisis Prevention Network Era 

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