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Sino-foreign Family Business Research Center

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Established: 2008
Research team: Rong Pei, [UK]Yong Wang, Yuehui Wang, Fengyi Ai, Ruihong Liu; Adjunct professor: [Cyprus]Panikkos Zata POUTZIOURIS; Contract Research Fellow:Fengyun Lei

Research areas: Family Business Succession, Governance of Family Businesses, the Internationalization of the Family Business, the Dynamic Capabilities of the Family Business, Family Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The intention of establishing Sino-foreign Family Business Research Center was formed in 2007, and to run Joint Research Centre in 2008 by Yong Wang from the University of Wolverhampton in United Kingdom, and formally established in 2010. It is an institute that specializes in Family Business. As a born global sector, the center has been contribute to build an international academic communication platform to share the leading research achievements in Family Business and to help learning the essence of the theoretical research methods in order to adjust to and to guide the development of Family Business, and to explore policies and regulations to lead Family Business to greater success and sustainability in the future.
The main academic activities of the Joint Research Centre of Family Business are as follows:
1. Actively application for international and domestic research projects governed by the Natural Sciences and Social Science Fund Committee.
2. Co-published academic journal articles, monographs, conference papers.
3. Co-organized international and domestic academic conferences / workshops / Research Forum.
4. Establishment and development of the academic research base in Family Business in China.
5. Teaching of graduate students, including MBA and PhD students.
6. Guidance / guide young scholars to build an academic research team at a competitive talent.
7. Implementation of the project consulting to serve in the family business with survival problems and willingness of development through knowledge transfer.
8. Improving communication among partners within the family business, colleagues and students in research.

At the beginning, the center launched a series of activities as follows:
1. Inviting foreign experts and scholars to visit BIT, including experts from the United Kingdom, the United States, Cyprus, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Indonesia and other countries. During the time, the center hosted a variety of academic activities, including lectures, academic salons, entrepreneurs day, research interviews, media communication, etc..
2. IFERA@CHINA 2010 Family Business Forum, held in Zhuhai, China in January 2010. It is jointly hosted by International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA) and Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). The theme of the conference is Opportunities and Challenges of Family Business. Over 130 academic experts from 15 nations and regions attended the conference. Their research works include the advanced achievements in theory, practice and policy.
3. Organizing a forum on Entrepreneurship and Family Business in January 2009. Dr. Sanjay Gole , current IFERA president, was invited to the conference and deliver a keynote speech. The participants include entrepreneurs, government research institutes, universities, consulting agencies and the media.
4. The winning research proposal for the 2011 Ernst & Young Research Bursary (EYRB) Award (€10,000), an initiative generously sponsored by Ernst & Young, was announced at this year’s conference. Yong Wang & Rong Pei were awarded for their proposal: “Dynamic Capabilities of Family Businesses: A Comparison between China and Britain”.
5. Yong Wang & Rong Pei made plenary speech in the 12th Annual IFERA World Family Business Research Conference - Ernst & Young Research Bursary - 2011 Award winning research presentation "Dynamic Capabilities of Family Businesses: A Comparison between China and Britain" .
6. Joint holding a seminar or workshop with the private enterprise research center of Nankai University once a year.
7. Yong Wang & Rong Pei made an oral presentation in the 9th Annual IFERA World Family Business Research Conference in 2010, and the Outstanding Paper Nomination.
8. Yong Wang & Rong Pei have two cooperative research papers to be reported in the 11th IFERA in 2011.
9. Dr. Fengyi Ai gained Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Fund in 2009. Title: the formation of Sino-African family members of the family business renegade acts of malicious competition, impact and prevention mechanism in 2009.
(Grant No. 09YJC630009)

Contact Information:
Contact: Rong Pei
Tel: 86-010-68918337
Address: Main Building Room 213, Beijing Institute of Technology

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