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Operations Research Society of Beijing

  • Release date:2011-08-13 12:21:00

       Beijing Operations Research Society was founded in 1994, which is a mass organization including operations research workers in Beijing area. It is a formally registered organization of regional level. Beijing Operations Research Society is subordinated to Beijing Institute of Technology, it is under the leadership of Beijing Municipal Committee of science and technology, its daily activities is guided by Beijing City Association for science and technology. Beijing Operations Research Society is a local organization of Operations Research Society of China and thus takes part in its activities.

       The operations research team in Beijing area grows rapidly in 10 years. Its members are in China Academy of Sciences, colleges and universities, enterprise and public institutions, government management departments and so on. They have obtained results of advanced world level during the research of theory and applications, have got the praise of people of the same industry and have got rewards from the national and municipal governments. In the popularization and teaching, Beijing Operations Research Society has formed complete teaching system of different levels such as bachelor’s level, master’s level, doctor’s level and so on. It has operations research courses of different levels and has developed talents on operations research. During the personnel training, we spread the knowledge of operations research. People in Beijing Operations Research Society give full play to their intelligence and wisdom, adapt to the requirements of nowadays situation, play positive efforts to the socialist construction and strive to make greater contributions to the realization of the splendid goals of our nation.

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