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Professor Zhao Qiuhong from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics visits

  On June 27, 2019, Professor Zhao Qiuhong from the School of Economics and Management of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics was invited to visit the School of Management and Economics and gave an academic report entitled “Cold Chain Transportation Decision in the Vaccine Supply Chain”. A number of Ph.D. and postgraduate students from the School of Management and Economics participated in the report.Vice Dean Dong Peiwu also participated in the report.The report was hosted by Professor Yan Yanbing.

  In the report, Professor Zhao Qiuhong gave a detailed introduction to the cold chain vaccine transportation process and vaccine supply chain in combination with the research status of vaccine transportation at home and abroad. She shared the latest research results of her team in the vaccine supply chain transportation in recent years.First, Prof. Zhao Qiuhong conducted a detailed analysis of the current situation of vaccines and the problems faced by cold chain vaccine transportation. Secondly, through the establishment of mathematical models, she explored whether the distributors used cold chain transport vaccines and retailers inspection conditions when receiving vaccines; then Two common testing strategies (loose testing and rigorous testing) were introduced in the basic model to explore the impact of the retailer's inspection at the end of transportation on the original decision of the distributor; finally, the challenges of cold chain transport vaccines are explained in detail in terms of vaccine price changes, distributors and retailers.

  The report started at 18:40 pm and continues until 20:20. After the meeting, Vice Dean Dong Peiwu, Prof. Yan Yanbing and several doctoral students conducted in-depth discussions with Professor Zhao Qiuhong on the hot issues related to management and economy in the cold chain transportation vaccine.

  Introduction to Professor Zhao Qiuhong:

  Zhao Qiuhong, female, professor and doctoral tutor at the School of Economics and Management, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, member of Academic Committee; executive director of China Society of Systems Engineering, chairman of emergency management committee, vice chairman of service system engineering branch; Director of Beijing International Science and Technology Cooperation Base for Urban Safety Operation and Emergency Protection. Mainly engaged in research and practice of complex system modeling and optimization, supply chain and logistics management, security and risk management, organizational design and management, etc.

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