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1-11 Invited Lecture - Vice President Ji Yong, Geer Co., Ltd.: Strategy and Innovation

  Time: Friday, January 11, 2019, at 18:30 pm

  Location: Main Building Room 241  

  Speaker Profile: 

  Professor Ji Yong, MBA from the University of Washington, USA, is currently the vice president of Goer Co., Ltd. and the deputy secretary general of the China Virtual Reality Industry Alliance. Professor Ji Yong is a senior consultant in strategy and change, specializing in technology strategy, new career development, product marketing planning, and product integration development. He has more than 10 years of experience in technology and product development in the home appliance industry and computer software development industry. He joined IBM in strategic consulting, served many Fortune 500 companies, and served as a lecturer for Taiwan University's “EMBA” training. He has served as a lecturer at a number of Innovation Seminars hosted by the government. 


  In today's world, the political environment is becoming more and more complex, the economic environment is gradually deteriorating, business operations are becoming increasingly difficult, and where is the business development going? This lecture will start with an in-depth discussion of the ten major schools of strategic management, business-level/company-level business models and 22 profit-making models. Based on the analysis of theoretical knowledge and application conditions, the IBM strategic strategy model will be discussed in detail. 

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