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BIT Jiangxi recruitment working group visit Gao'an City to carry out enrollment propaganda work

  On November 11 to November 13, 2019, Professor Han Botang, and BIT pilot Wang Gangbo, and the student assistant Yang YiNing of the School of Management and Economics of Beijing Institute of Technology, went to Gao’An High School and No. 2 Gao’An High School the in Jiangxi province to carry out the recruitment and "BIT lecture hall" activities. The two schools are key secondary schools in Jiangxi Province. In recent years, the development of the two schools has been rapid and the teaching quality has been continuously improved. A number of outstanding students have been delivered to our school, and the "excellent source base" of our school has been granted in the beginning of 2019.


  Professor Han Botang carried out the report of "the Application of Mathematics in Business Administration", explained the connotation of management science, introduced the emergence and development of operational research, combined with the reality of the growth and development of senior high school students, passionately told the case of decision-making, quantitative analysis and management science, and systematically taught the application value of management science. Professor Han was funny and humorous, the explanation was easy to understand, the examples were close to the reality of life, the interaction was frequent, and the students laughed and applauded from time to time. In the course of the lecture, Professor Han Botang combined with the contents of the report, called on the students to choose Beijing Institute of Technology in the college entrance examination in the future.


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