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2019-2020 the first session of party class of the School of Management and Economics is successfully held

  In order to improve the theoretical knowledge level of the party activists and to train the young students who meet the requirements of the new era, the Beijing Institute of Technology Management and Economics has successfully held the first session party class of the 2019-2020 school year. The party class invited Professor Li Zhaomin, a party building expert, to give lectures, and more than 130 party activists participated in the training.


  In the light of the Party's history, Professor Li Zhaomin made a detailed discussion on the Party's purpose, the Party's program, the Party's supreme objective and the Party's guiding ideology, so that the students have a profound grasp of the important significance of the study of the Party Constitution. In order for the students to correct their motivation to join the Party and strengthen their ideals and beliefs, Professor Li Zhaomin, combined with the role models among the Party members, asked the students to learn from advanced party members. At any time, they should strictly require themselves, persist in consistency, put the interests of the people in the first place, and always play a exemplary leading role.


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