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  The predecessor of the School of Management and Economics was the Department of Industrial Management established in 1980. It started with a national recruitment of 31 students in its industrial management engineering undergraduate program, 52 students in the management executive development program, and 50 students in the science and technology executive development program. The inaugural director Wenbing Jiang, Party secretary Fuming Zhang, and deputy director Baohua Hong led a dozen teachers to set out on an epic journey of the Department of Industrial Management in a few offices less than one hundred square meters in No. 6 Dormitory Building.

  • In 1982

      Offered a master’s degree program in weapon system engineering.

  • In 1984

      The first industrial management undergraduate class graduated, and a following postgraduate program was set up; added a bachelor’s degree program in management information systems.

  • In 1985

      There were more than 30 teachers in the Department of Industrial Management, and four teaching and research sections of industrial management engineering, management information, management mathematics, and science and technology system engineering.

  • In 1987

      Offered an industrial management undergraduate program in financial accounting track; added an industrial foreign trade undergraduate program, and enrollment began in 1988.

  • In 1990

      Received approval to offer a master's degree program in business management.

  • In 1992

      In order to meet the needs of the development of China's social economy and higher education, the Department of Industrial Management changed its name to the School of Management.

  • In 1993

      Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program was granted by the Ministry of Education. The School was one of the first 26 institutions to receive the approval of offering MBA program.

  • In 1994

      Offered bachelor's degree programs in marketing and in accounting.

  • In 1996

      Received approval to offer a doctoral degree in management science and engineering, and a post doctoral mobile station was approved in the same year.

  • In 1998

      The School of Management was renamed the School of Management and Economics. In the same year, began a master of engineering degree program in the track of industrial engineering, the country's first management school to offer an engineering degree.

  • In 2000

      Offered a master's degree program in technical economics and management.

  • In 2002

      With the merge of the Public Administration program into the School of Management and Economics, the School had 6 undergraduate majors: information management and information system, business management, marketing, accounting, international economics and trade, and public administration. In the same year, the State Council and the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of an executive master of business administration program (EMBA). The School was one of the first 30 institutions of higher education to receive the approval.

  • In 2003

      Offered a doctoral degree program in business management and a master’s degree program in accounting; approved by the Ministry of education, Beijing Institute of Technology, under the discipline of management science and engineering, independently set up a master’s degree program in national economic mobilization, and began the enrollment in the following year.

  • In 2004

      Established the Ministry of Education "985" projects: national defense science and technology management and national defense mobilization research center and philosophy and social sciences innovation base; received approval to offer a master’s degree program in administration; received approval to offer master of engineering degree programs in project management and in logistics engineering, the first of its kind in the country.

  • In 2005

      Offered master’s degree programs in business administration, public administration, and applied economics.

  • In 2009

      Established postdoctoral mobile station in business administration; established the Energy and Environmental Policy Research Center; on the basis of the original business management department, the School reorganized and added the departments of organization and human resource, marketing, and technology economics and management.

  • In 2010

      The School of Management and Economics celebrated its 30th anniversary, and organized a celebration ceremony, Dean’s Forum, and Distinguished Alumni Forum; received approval to set up doctoral stations in business management and in applied economics; received approval to offer master of engineering management, master of international business (MIB), and master of accounting (MPAcc).

  • In 2011

      MBA/EMBA program received the international AMBA accreditation, becoming the domestic tenth and global 189th AMBA accredited business school; established the Strategic Advisory Committee; constructed the Joint Laboratory of Economics and Management.

  • In 2012

      Received approval to offer interdisciplinary doctoral programs in energy policy and climate economics and in national economic mobilization; the discipline of management science and engineering was listed the key discipline of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; the information management and information system undergraduate program was listed the key major of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

  • In 2013

      The discipline of management science and engineering, the discipline of business administration won the "excellence" in Beijing municipal key disciplines assessment; the Department of Management Science and Engineering was reorganized to the Department of Management Science and Logistics and the Department of Management Engineering; added a new Department of International Trade and Finance.

  • In 2014

      In celebration of the 20th anniversary of our MBA education, the School organized  Innovation and Development Forum cum MBA Education 20th Anniversary Celebration; the MBA program passed re-accreditation of the AMBA; the discipline of management science and engineering was listed one of the 8 key disciplines(4+4) to construct by the BIT“Disciplines Recommended Plan”.

  • In 2015

      The School received the EQUIS accreditation, one of the few in the mainland China accredited both by EQUIS and AMBA. "Beijing Economic and Social Sustainable Development Research Base" has become the Beijing Philosophy and Social Sciences Base. "Energy Economy and Climate Policy Group" has been included into the National Natural Science Foundation innovation research group.

  • In 2016

      The School passed the CAMEA accreditation and became the 13th institute in China to obtain the accreditation; it was approved to build the Beijing Key Laboratory of Energy Economics and Environmental Management; it promoted the reform of personnel training, fully implement the undergraduate tutor system; the Energy and Environmental Policy Research Center was appointed the National Natural Science Foundation of China Think Tank Project.

  • In 2017

      The School successfully completed the fourth round of discipline assessment of the Ministry of Education's degree center. The management science and engineering disciplines was “A-” (top 5%~10%), and the business administration discipline was “B+” (top 10%~20%). The application economy was “B” (top 20%~30%); it passed the undergraduate teaching review and evaluation of the Ministry of Education; it was awarded the national gold medal of the 3rd “Internet+” College Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

  • In 2018

      The School was re-accredited by EQUIS. The Business Administration program was rated A class (A-) in the national professional degree level evaluation, and completed the qualification assessment of the first-level discipline and professional degree. Fully responsible for the accounting (BIT-UoR Joint Bachelor Degree Programme in Accounting) undergraduate program related work. Promote the broad-based undergraduate enrollment and the broad-based “management + engineering” training program.

  • In 2019

      The School successfully accredited by AACSB and became one of the Triple Accredited Business Schools.

  Right now, the School of Management and Economics, under a new leadership led by dean professor Yi-Ming Wei and Party secretary Professor Zhaohua Wang, is forging ahead to speed up the construction of “BIT to Become Internationally Acclaimed and Domestically First-class High Level Research University”, promote the overall work and all-round progress of the School, and build a first-class research-oriented business school with the mission of “Developing first-class disciplines, training first-class talents, fulfilling first-class faculty, cultivating first-class culture”.

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