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[Undergraduate] Singapore Management University School of Accounting Program "4+1"

I. About the School


Singapore Management University is one of the six public universities in Singapore, and it is the top financial institution in Asia. In the UTD world famous business schools ranking, Li Guangqian Business School of Singapore Management University ranks 40th, third in Asia , accounting major No. 1 in Asia and No. 3 in the world. In the 2017 QS World University rankings, accounting and finance majors ranked 50th in the world (because schools have only business subjects, so it does not participate in the comprehensive university rankings). In addition,  undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Li Guangqian Business School and Accounting School are certified by THE AACSB International and the EQUIS.


II. About the Program

After graduation, students who can successfully pass the interview of Singapore Management University, will be eligible for the Master of Professional Accounting(``MPA'' )or Master of Science in Accounting with Data and Analytics track(``MSA'' ). With one year, students can obtain a bachelor's degree from the Beijing Institute of Technology and a master's degree from the Singapore Management University.


III. Admission Requirements

1. Senior undergraduates of Beijing Institute of Technology School of Management and Economics

2, language scores: students with TOEFL of not less than 90 (or IELTs of not less than 65,). Students with TOEFL score of 90-95, or IELTs of 6.5-7 are required to take compulsory language classes; GMAT is not less than 600 (or Singapore Management University exam is not less than 55).


IV. Program duration and cost

Program duration: 1 year.

Tuition fees: $41730 for MPA, $44940 for MSA, $4000 deduction for Beijing Institute of Technology students and $10000 scholarship for particularly outstanding students.


V. Application methods and time schedule

1. Applicants register in the undergraduate international exchange project management system;

2. Applicants should generate an “Approval Form for Undergraduate Students to Study Abroad in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan” in the management system. The professional responsibility professor and the head of the School shall sign the form, and a PDF version be uploaded in the system;

3. Upload a PDF version of the materials required in the system, including undergraduate school certificate, English or French language proficiency test materials, college transcripts, English resume, and passport home page; University of California Riverside International Student Application Form; Certificate of deposit (not less than 300,000), English personal statement.

4. Application time: March each year

5. Program inquiry: Teacher Sun, School of Management and Economics: sunqiong


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