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[Undergraduate] Dual Degree Program at Bayreuth University, Germany

Ⅰ.About the School

Founded in 1972, Bayreuth University is a modern public university in Bavaria. Bayreuth University specializes in international cooperation and interdisciplinary project research, with more than 450 international cooperation projects. Typical interdisciplinary projects include philosophy and economics, global ecological change, drama and media research, health economics, etc. .Bayreuth University is best known for its business, economics and law and is one of the most famous subjects in Germany.


Ⅱ.About the Program

In December 2014, our school signed a dual degree (2+1+1) agreement with the University of Bayreuth, Germany. According to the agreement, our School of Management and Economics and the School of Law and Business Management of the University of Bayreut exchanged 10 students each year. The language of instruction is English. Students who completed the exchange study and meet the requirements of the two schools will receive the undergraduate degrees of the two universities.


Ⅲ.Admission Requirements

1. Undergraduate students in the School of Management and Economics of Beijing Institute of Technology. Students in International Economics and Trade (English teaching class) are preferred;

2. Excellent academic performance during school, with an average score of 80 or more;

3. English level: TOEFL 80 or IELTS 6.5;

4. The School of Management and Economics makes recommendations.


Ⅳ.Program Duration and Cost

Program duration: 1-2 years

Cost: Free of tuition. Living expenses are not-covered.


Ⅴ.Application method and time schedule

1.Applicants register in the undergraduate international exchange project management system;

2.Applicants should generate an “Approval Form for Undergraduate Students to Study Abroad in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan” in the management system. The professional responsibility professor and the head of the School need to sign the form, and a PDF version is uploaded in the system;

3. Upload a PDF version of the materials required for application in the system, including undergraduate study certificate, English language proficiency test materials, college transcripts, English resume, and passport home page;

4. Application time: March each year

5. Program inquiry:  Teacher Sun, the School of Management and Economics: sunqiong

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