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【MBA】Audencia Business School – Nantes, France, Dual Degree Program

Ⅰ.About the School

Audencia Business School – Nantes, France, is a European business school facing the world. Founded in 1900, it has produced nearly 18,000 outstanding graduates from all over the world. Audencia Business School has successively obtained EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA global authoritative certifications, (only 1% of the world's management schools have obtained the above three certifications) and is the first elite business school in France to be accredited. .According to the ranking of the Financial Times, Audencia Business School ranks among the top ten in the French schools of management, and its Master of Business Administration program is also among the best in the world. Audencia Business School maintains a good relationship with more than 150 prestigious universities around the world; there are 95 full-time professors, 76% of whom are PhDs, 45% are foreign teachers, and nearly 3,000 students (of which foreign students account for 53% from 57 countries); the school delivers a large number of outstanding management talents to the world's top European companies every year.


Ⅱ.About the Program

In October 2014, our school signed a MBA (1+1) dual degree agreement with Audencia Business School – Nantes, France.  According to the agreement, our School of Management and Economics MBA students can choose to go to study in Audencia Business School in the first year or the second year. The exchange study period is one year, and the students can obtain a master's degree from Audencia Business School. After returning to China, students can complete the credit requirements of our school's MBA training program, and obtain a master's degree from our school. The number of students enrolled is 5 per school year (according to the actual situation, there is a slight increase or decrease each year).


Ⅲ.Admission Requirements

1. MBA Students from the School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology.

2. Pass the interview organized by Audencia Business School and Beijing Institute of Technology School of Economics and Management

3. Meet Audencia Business School admission requirements

4. IELTSL at least 6.0 or more

5. Take the GMAT exam and provide results

6. Two to three years of work experience


Ⅳ.Program duration and tuition cost

Program duration: 1 year

Tuition fee: Students can enjoy a 50% discount on tuition fees. For example: 2018 tuition fees of 30,500 euros, students only need to pay 15,250 euros.


Ⅴ.Application method and time schedule

1. Applicants submit the school certificate, English language score and GMAT score, college transcript, resume, application letter, passport copy and other materials to the Professional Degree Education Center according to the enrollment notice.

2. The Center will conduct preliminary screening after receiving the application materials from the students. Students who meet the registration requirements will take an interview.

3. Students who pass the interview submit the admission materials as required by Audencia Business School, and apply for visas.

4. Application time: April each year.

5. Program inquiry: Wang Yingying, teacher of the Professional Degree Education Center of the School of Management and Economics, meisawang

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