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The 5th Academic Exchange Conference of Beijing Economic and Social Sustainable Development Research Base successfully held

  On April 20, 2019, the fifth academic exchange meeting of the Beijing Economic and Social Sustainable Development Research Base was held at the Friendship Hotel.Researcher Yu Jingyuanof of Institute 710 in China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, researcher Li Shantong of the State Council Development Research Center, researcher Gu Jifa of the Institute of Systems of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Chen Xiaotian of the National Natural Science Foundation, Deputy Director of the National Energy Administration Ding Zhimin, and Wei Yiming, Professor Wang Zhaohua, Professor Li Jinlin, Professor Lun Lun, Professor Tang Yujun, Professor Hu Ruifa, Professor Zhang Xiang, Professor Liang Qiaomei, Professor Li Huiyun and Associate Professor Yu Biying attended the meeting. A number of young and middle-aged teachers in the school participated in this academic exchange.


  At the meeting, Professor Wei Yiming, Director of the Base and Chief Expert, and Dean of the School of Management and Economics, first reported on the work of the research base in 2016-2018.Dean Wei reviewed and summarized the work of the research base, research fields, research activities, team building, personnel training, research projects, academic achievements, and social impacts, and proposed the future work plan of the base. The meeting was hosted by Professor Zhang Xiang, deputy director of the research base.

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