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International Economics and Trade

     The bachelor’s degree program of International Economics and Trade in Beijing Institute of Technology is developed on the basis of two majors: Industrial Foreign Trade and International Trade. Our university established the undergraduate program of Industrial and Foreign Trade in 1988 and International Trade in 1996. In 1999, according to the revision of “the Undergraduate Specialty Catalogue of Higher Institutions” of the Ministry of Education, the two majors merged and changed their name into International Economics and Trade. 


     Since its establishment, this major is oriented to the national economic construction and social development, and its teaching content advances with times, so that students can systematically master the basic principles of economics and the basic theories of international economics and trade, be familiar with the prevailing international trade rules and conventions, have strong English speaking, reading and writing skills and basic skills in foreign economics and trade work, therefore become compound talents with international vision, good communication skills and innovative spirit. After more than 20 years of construction and development, more than 2000 students have graduated from this major. Graduates are generally recognized and praised by employers for their outstanding professional quality.


     This major is affiliated to the first-class subjects of Applied Economics (including Master's degree and Doctoral degree). There are 31 teachers in this major, including 4 professors, 1 winner of the National Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 winner of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, 1 Young Changjiang Scholar, and 19 associate professors. In recent years, teachers have achieved a series of research and teaching results, won the High-quality Courses in China recognized by the Ministry of Education, published more than 350 papers, including more than 120 SCI/SSCI papers, which has a certain impact at home and abroad.


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