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Admission Information on the 2018 Business Administration-Related Combined Degree Program


     The Business Administration-Related Combined Degree Program of Beijing Institute of Technology started in 2004, which is a program for undergraduate students majoring in engineering, sciences, arts, foreign languages and law in the university. It is based on the high-quality faculty and advanced teaching facilities of the School of Management and Economics and committed to developing high-quality well-rounded talents with managerial skills. Through over ten years of development, it has accumulated rich teaching experience and achieved good teaching results.


I. Objectives

     Based on students' solid foundation in natural science and rich knowledge in engineering, technology and arts, the program aims to develop high-quality well-rounded talents that master basic economics and management theories, methods and application skills, have the comprehensive quality and ability to solve practical problems in the field of business administration, an international vision and the courage to innovate and challenge, and meet the needs of China's economic construction.


II. Outline

     The schooling lasts 2 years. With focus on the main disciplines of economics and management, students will systematically learn management principles, microeconomics, accounting, marketing, international trade, production operations and management, business decision simulation, financial management, company overview , human resource management, economic law, applied statistics, innovation and change management, strategic management and project management. Students must have a minimum of 50 credits for graduation with 40 credits for theoretical courses and 10 credits for practice.


III. Graduation Requirements

     Students should acquire the following knowledge and abilities after study: students should master the basic principles of management and economics as well as the basic theories, methods, and skills of business administration; students should have good language, writing and interpersonal communication skills and basic ability to analyze and solve business administration problems; students should be familiar with in the relevant Chinese guidelines, policies and regulations on business administration and international business administration practices and rules; students should have an international vision and innovative spirit, master basic innovation methods and have certain international exchange and cooperation abilities; students should know the theoretical frontiers and developments of business administration; and students should master the basic methods of literature search and data inquiry and have the basic ability to undertake scientific research and practical work.


IV. Degree and Employment

     The degree to be conferred is Bachelor of Business Administration. Graduates can engage in organizational strategy planning and decision-making, human resource management, business operations and innovation management, marketing strategy development and implementation, project and investment and financing management, etc. in companies related to high-tech industries, manufacturing and services and government agencies and institutions.


V. Applicants and Application Procedures

     Applicants should be sophomores majoring in engineering, sciences, arts, foreign languages and law in the university (excluding students from the School of Management and Economics).

Application procedures:

     Students may visit the combined degree website of the Academic Affairs Office and submit an online application in June each year. After the deadline, the School of Management and Economics will conduct a qualification review and decide whether to organize interviews based on the application circumstances. Final results will be announced between the end of June and the beginning of July, and classes will begin in September. 

     Venue: The two-year program will be completed at Zhongguancun Campus.


VI. Contact

     Office address: Room 336 of the Office Building; Tel: 68912071  Miss. Wang


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