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Dr. Darshini Mahadevia from the University of Ahmedabad, India visits

  At 3 pm on June 24, 2019, Professor Darshini Mahadevia was invited to visit and presented an academic report on energy consumption and climate change in Indian housing construction.This report was hosted by Professor Liang Qiaomei. The teachers and students of the Center participated in the report.

  Professor Darshini Mahadevia is a visiting professor at the School of Arts and Sciences, and has over 25 years of teaching and research experience in urban studies, human and gender development, poverty and inequality, and climate change. Darshini Mahadevia studied for a Ph.D. at the Regional Development Research Center at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi.She is a member of several journal editorial boards and a visiting scholar at UCLA, McGill University in Montreal and Tsinghua University in Beijing.From December 2012 to April 2016, she served as Dean of the CEPT University Planning Institute.She also led the CUE, a center she recently established at CEPT University.

  In today's report, Professor Darshini Mahadevia focused on housing energy consumption in India and its impact on climate and 1.5°C targets.They believed that long-term urban housing strategies should address the effects of indoor temperatures, especially for low-income families and residents of informal housing, and need to consciously and deliberately work to prevent existing informal housing.One option currently being sought is to convert informal housing residents into formal housing.However, another need to be considered immediately is the current coverage of informal housing due to the limited coverage of the first option.Housing and heating solutions are also important to India, as about 40% of the population is currently urban, and temperatures in India are expected to rise in the coming decades.After the report, Professor Darshini Mahadevia took a group photo with everyone.


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