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“Gams and its application in the calculation of general equilibrium model and climate change comprehensive assessment model” was successfully held

  Author: ceep Source: ceep Time: 2019-05-22

  May 20-21, 2019, "GAMS and its application in the calculation of general equilibrium models and climate change comprehensive assessment models" was held at Beijing Institute of Technology. Organized by the Energy and Environmental Policy Research Center of the Beijing Institute of Technology, the seminar invited Steven Dirkse, Frederik Proske from GAMS, and Senior agricultural economist Agapi L. Somwaru from the ERS of USDA.

  Expert Steven Dirkse focuses on GAMS software development, especially solver and solver links, data utilities, multithreading, quality control and performance testing.Expert Frederik Proske has extensive experience in software development and project management in the field of mathematical programming.Dr. Agapi L. Somwaru is a well-respected economic model expert with many years of experience in CGE model research.

  On the morning of May 20th, Professor Liang Qiaomei presided over the opening ceremony and expressed sincere welcome to the arrival of the three experts.Then the Center teachers and students and experts started a round-table discussion on the price-equal debugging of the global multi-region cge model. The experts conducted the CGE model and the IAM model debugging experience sharing.

  On the afternoon of May 20th, first of all, the teachers, students and experts of the center continued to have the round-table discussion on the long-term operation period of the multi-regional CGE model model and the infeasibility of some years. Then Steven and Frederik conducted “GAMS MIRO: An interactive”. The report of web application for your GAMS models introduces the features of the MIRO platform and demonstrates it.

  On May 21st, Steven and Frederik conducted a "Stochastic programming with NLP in GAMS" report to discuss the solution to the NLP stochastic programming problem in GAMS.In the afternoon, the round-table discussion was held mainly on the coupling of global multi-region CGE models and single-country multi-region CGE models and carbon tax endogenous issues.

  During the seminar, the teachers and students of the center conducted in-depth experience exchanges on CGE and random planning. Teachers and students improved significantly in GRAMS-based modeling in these two aspects. The seminar was a complete success.





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