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MBA alumnus Dr. Sun Xiyou gives a report

  At 18:30 on April 26th, 2019, MBA alumnus Sun Xiyou was invited to the Center for Professional Degree Education of the School of Management and Economics to give a report titled “The entanglement of modernization and the quality of human life”. Deputy Director Zhang Xiaosu and Alumni Training Director Zhao Yu attended the lecture.Director Chen Xiang introduced the background information of Dr.Sun Xiyou, and welcomed the arrival of Dr. Sun Xiyou on behalf of the alma mater.In a limited period of time, Dr. Sun Xiyou shared with us the thoughtful and logically clear relationship between the modernization changes and the quality of human life in the current complex environment.


  As a senior philosopher, Professor Sun Xiyou has rich professional theory and practical experience in both financial management and philosophical theory.This lecture enabled the students to have a deeper understanding of the current modern environment, and at the same time, have a new understanding of the direction of their own life roads. I hope that everyone can think and comprehend at a deeper level on the basis of mastering theoretical knowledge, apply it better to practice, and let the connotation of modernization play a greater role in human life.

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