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[100 Lecture Hall]Rice University professor Andrew J. Schaefer talks about the future research direction of operations research in medical health


  On the morning of March 21, 2019, Beijing Institute of Technology and the School of Management and Economics jointly hosted the “100 Lecture Hall” (No. 175) in the main building of Zhongguancun Campus.Professor Andrew J. Schaefer of Rice University in the United States was invited to give an academic report entitled "Operations Research in Healthcare: Future Directions."This report was hosted by researcher Zhang Yuli, School of Management and Economics.More than 20 school teachers and graduate and doctoral students attended Professor Schaefer's wonderful report.


  At his presentation, Professor Schaefer first introduced the history and impact of operations research in the US medical industry, including hospital operations, treatment models and medical policies, and introduced how to use operations research for mathematical modeling on organ transplantation, patients appointments, operating room scheduling, etc., and the details of the Markov Decision Process was discussed. Professor Schaefer gave a detailed explanation of the difference between operational research and traditional operations research in medical health, and introduced the latest research techniques and future research directions in operational health research. After the wonderful report, the audience had a lively discussion with Professor Schaefer and took a group photo.

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