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4-11 Invited Report - Assistant Professor, Jaehyun Park, Tokyo Institute of Technology: Innovation by a Design Thinking Approach

  Speaker: Jaehyun Park

  Time: April 11th, 2019 (Thursday) 16:30

  Venue: Main Building 317, Zhongguancun Campus


  Speaker profile:

  Jaehyun Park is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Economics at the School of Engineering and Management, Tokyo Institute of Technology. In 2013, he graduated from the Information Systems Department of Case Western Reserve University, focusing on digital innovation, user experience, service design, smart work, smart city, etc. research work.He has published more than a dozen papers in journals such as Journal of Knowledge Management, Sustainability, Information & Management, and IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, and has hosted research projects such as the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).Assistant Professor Jaehyun Park is currently the guest editor of the Special Issues in Information & Management (I&M) and the Associate Editor of Asia Pacifc Journal of Information Systems (APJIS). He has served as the chairman of the PACIS chapter, the European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS), and the Journal of Management. Reviewers for Information Systems (JMIS) and the International Journal of Information Management (IJIM).



  We have encountered that managers are designers who enable an organization to operate successfully in changing environments. Their roles are to identify complex social problems, and to synthesize new ideas and solutions in a digital society. Being a smart, competent manager requires a practical, organizational knowledge of business, of technology, and of design practices and techniques. This workshop explores design as a new practice in engineering and management education that serves the need for identifying innovation opportunities in all types of organizations. It is an art of business-design course series, focusing on a project-based learning that develops design skills in the context of engineering and management. Therefore, this workshop is designed to provide two things: the first is to understand and analyze the multiple, complex problems of information, systems, and design that you will encounter as a manager; the second is to identify opportunities for designing better ones by a design thinking approach。


  (Hosted by: Department of Management Engineering, Research and Academic Exchange Center)

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