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2019 the fourth batch of MBA/EMBA pre-interviews successfully completed


  On October 13, the fourth batch of MBA/EMBA pre-interviews of 2019, organized by Beijing Institute of Technology's Joint Centre for Professional Degree Education in the School of Management and Economics, successfully concluded. Nearly 600 MBA and EMBA candidates successfully passed the documents review and online screening to participate in the pre-interviews. Under the guidance of Dean Wei Yiming and Secretary Wang Zhaohua, nearly 20 staff members , more than 30 admissions ambassadors and student volunteers participated in all kinds of work, such as check-in, waiting, guidance, data review and verification, etc.

  The team of interviewers consisted of about 50 school teachers and specially invited enterprise experts. At 8:30 a.m., a meeting for all the examiners was officially held in Conference Room 241. The meeting was chaired by Wu Shuilong, executive deputy director of the Joint Centre for Professional Degree Education. Director Wu gave a detailed introduction to the specific contents of the interview work, including the key contents of the interview work, interview policy, matters needing attention, emergency handling methods and so on.


  So far, the school has successfully organized four groups of MBA/EMBA candidates to pre-interview. The network registration for the national postgraduate enrollment examination in 2020 has been fully opened on October 10, please pay attention to the timely registration. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Beijing Institute of Technology School of Management and Economics Joint Center For Professional Degree Education.  Welcome to join the big family of Beijing Institute of Technology!

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