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MBAs enter the Royal Canadian University - the body and soul are on the road

  On September 29,2019, a total of 11 members of the MBA delegation from the School of Management and Economics of Beijing Institute of Technology arrived in Vancouver, Canada's third largest city, for a seven-day visit. Strolling through the centuries-old castles of the Royal University of Canada, the Houses of Parliament, Microsoft, the Gardens of Buchacht and other places to enjoy the feast, students have harvested friendship, increased their experience, and broadened their horizons.

  Centennial castle, the collision of wisdom and thinking


  The Royal University of Canada, based in Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, stands on campus with its back against Hatley Castle, looking out over the clear view of the U.S. Olympic Mountains through the Juan de Fuca Strait and truly feeling the beauty of the autumn waters. Students are here to discuss lean entrepreneurship with Professor Archer, starting with small projects. Professor Krusekopf, who has deep feelings for China, communicated from a macro perspective about Canada's development in globalized trade with Asia-Pacific relations and classmates.

  Houses of Parliament, cultural differences - Former mayor, deep thinking of leadership


  Send the deep blessing of the travelers to the motherland


  Graduation waltz, the beginning of unforgettable memories


  The unforgettable visit was successfully concluded, and we returned with full knowledge and friendship.

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