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The closing ceremony of the third phase of the 2019 National Scholarship Council international clean energy innovation talent training project

  On July 12, 2019, the National Training Fund for the Third Phase of the International Clean Energy Innovative Talents Training Projects held the closing ceremony in Room 241 of the main building of Beijing Institute of Technology. Li Qing, deputy secretary-general of the China Scholarship Council, Liu Chao, deputy director of the Department of Eurasian and African Affairs, project leader Luo Cheng, Ge Yujiao, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Institute of Technology, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee Yang Zhihong, Professor Yan Jinyue, Applied EnergyEditor-in-Chief, Academician of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, Professor of the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, Professor of the University of Sweden, Meraldalen, Wang Zhaohua, Party Secretary of the School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Assistant Dean, Director of the Professional Degree Education Joint Center, Chen Xiang, and the entire training class attended the closing ceremony.The meeting was hosted by Yang Yan, deputy director of the Joint Center for Professional Degree Education of the School of Management and Economics and director of the EDP project.


  The International Clean Energy Innovative Talents Training Project is jointly organized by the China Scholarship Council, Applied Energy, and the University of Sweden. The project is based on the integration of the world's leading university tutor resources, international exchanges and cooperation. Through the "first-class publications, first-class institutions, first-class tutors, first-class students" platforms, it contributes to the leap-forward development of China's energy science.The Joint Center for Professional Degree Education of the School of Management and Economics, which has undertaken this training, has been responsible for the domestic training of the project for three consecutive times, and has been highly appraised by the China Scholarship Council and the backbone of young and middle-aged researchers from all over the country. This is an opportunity to continuously improve and provide first-class courses, first-class teachers, and first-class services for our training programs.


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