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2019 MBA and EMBA(Shenzhen class) opening ceremony

  On June 22, 2019, the opening ceremony of the 2019 MBA and the EMBA (Shenzhen class) of Beijing Institute of Technology was held in Shenzhen. Professor Wang Zhaohua of the School of Management and Economics, Dean Cheng Yibo, Dean of Shenzhen Research Institute, Professor Chen Xiang, Director of the Joint Degree Education Center of the School of Management and Economics, Professor Wu Shuilong, Executive Deputy Director of the Joint Degree Education Center of the School of Management and Economics, and the entire teachers and 2019 MBA and EMBA students attended the opening ceremony.


  The opening ceremony kicked off in the solemn national anthem.Secretary Wang Zhaohua delivered a speech. On behalf of the School, he expressed warm congratulations and sincere welcome to the 2019 graduate students, and was pleased that the students could choose the Beijing Institute of Technology.Wang Shuji introduced the glorious history and development of Beijing Institute of Technology to the students. He hope that the students can cherish this rare learning opportunity. Through the postgraduate study, they can broaden their thinking, extend their horizons, master advanced management concepts, and continuously improve comprehensive quality and management ability.

  On behalf of the Shenzhen Research Institute, Dean Cheng Yibo warmly welcomed Professor Wang Zhaohua, Professor Chen Xiang and Professor Wu Shuilong from Beijing to attend the opening ceremony; and delivered a warm and sincere speech, congratulating the students to become a BIT member. Dean Cheng is very excited. For the Shenzhen Research Institute of Beijing Institute of Technology, 2019 is both a year of inheritance and a year of continuous development.Dean Cheng introduced Beijing Institute of Technology from a high level of discipline, a high level of management, a strong contribution to national defense and a pragmatic spirit.In the end, Dean Cheng hopes that the students will not forget their initial intentions, study hard, and achieve higher achievements in their careers.

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