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Invited Talk: “A Design Framework for Ultra-Large-Scale(ULS) Green Information Systems”, Prof. Chen Hongmei, Hawaii University Shidler School of Business

  May 14, 2012, Professor Chen Hongmei, University of Hawaii Shidler Business School, brought an academic report to our faculty and students, "A Design Framework for Ultra Large Scale (the ULS) Green Information Systems”.

  Professor Chen Hongmei introduced her latest scientific research in the design of ultra large green information systems. Professor Chen explained the practical needs of ultra large scale green information systems and their applications. The purpose of the large green information system is "3P", "Planet," People "," Profit ". The entire system is divided into four blocks, “the ULS Systems "," System of Systems, "Edge-a dominant (or Crowdsourced) system", "the Metropolis the Model Structure". On this basis, Professor Chen Hongmei proposed design ideas and framework for an ULS green information system, and illustrated the difference between "Design" and "Problem solving".

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