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[People News] Haidian District Launches "Community Emergency Response Capacity Upgrading Program" and Holds 2016 "Community Emergency Response Capability" Training

  Original title: Haidian District Launches "community emergency response capacity building program" and holds 2016 "community emergency response capability" training
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  [People News, May 10] May 9, Haidian District "Community Emergency Response Capability Upgrading Program" launching ceremony cum 2016 "community emergency response capability" training was held in Beijing Institute of Technology National Economic Mobilization Education and Training Center.

  Leaders inlcuding Beijing Disaster Reduction Association Secretary-General Han Shuyun, Haidian District Urban Services Management Command Center (Emergency Office) Deputy Director Xu Zheng, Associate Dean Professor of the School of Management and Economics Kong Zhaojun, and Beijing Haidian District Board of Education representative Zhou ZongShan attended the ceremony. Associate Professor Liu Tiezhong from the School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, presided over the launching ceremony.

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